To meet the demands of changing technology, Measurement Technologies has teamed up with the leading manufacturers of mass flow meters. Simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, and temperature creates advancements in the industry that we serve. MTI is proud to distribute and support Krohne USA products that continue to help improve our industry standards.

About the Company

KROHNE is your reliable partner for process instrumentation and automation.

By having specialized in industrial process measurement since 1921, they have gained an enormous amount of application knowledge in various industries that is integrated into their products, solutions and services. They have truly mastered the physical principles their meters are based on: our ability to utilize physical effects and to find a matching measuring solution time after time are the reasons they are trusted by clients worldwide. The primary measured value is as accurate as possible to avoid consecutive faults that might affect process control. It also enables their meters to measure reliably, even under changing or difficult process conditions. Both aspects are reflected by their claim “Measure the facts”.

The innovative technologies they employ for customers are based on their extensive R&D activities: 10% of the >4000 KROHNE employees work in research and development. Next to sensor physics, their focus is on device communication and enabling technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) in the process industry, e.g. ethernet communication to transmit process and device diagnostic data for evaluation and process optimization.